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Section title is "Community Meetings." Image: A line of two-story homes under a sunny blue sky.

The Development and Design Teams host regular online Zoom presentations to share information about 730 Stanyan. Community members are invited to learn about the most recent project updates and to share questions, comments and concerns. Recordings of those sessions will be presented here. Slideshow decks from meetings are available in the RESOURCES section; please click here to view

Please note, the video for June 23, 2020 is of the Q&A portion of the session only. For the entire recording of the teams and project site introduction, please refer to the recording under June 24, 2020, as the presentation content is identical. The only difference will be the Q&A portion.

To activate subtitles on the videos, please click the CC button at the bottom of the frame. To change the subtitle language, please click on the settings icon, the next icon to the right. 

Community Meeting #7

April 4, 2023
Community meeting #5, In-person event

August 21, 2021
Community Meeting #5

August 19, 2021
Pre-application Community Outreach Meeting 

February 9, 2021
Community Meeting #4

February 4, 2021
community meeting #3

October 29, 2020
community meeting #2

August 20, 2020 
community listening session #1

June 24, 2020
community listening session #1

June 23, 2020
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